The house

Our house was built at the end of the nineteenth century. It is ideally situated in the heart of the lively district of Krutenau near the River Ill and the main attractions of Strasbourg :

  • 750 m  < The pedestrian precints around the Cathedral
  • 1,0 km < The historical district of "Petite France"
  • 800 m  < The Imperial district
  • 300 m  < The banks of the River Ill and its barges (wine-bars, restaurants etc...)
  • 350 m  < The Botanical Garden
  • 1,0 km < Cinemas,The National Theatre of Strasbourg, The Opera
  • 1,3 km < The European Institutions (Tram Line E direct)

Discover the Christmas markets at 500m (end November - end December) 

Every room has its own style and reminds us of different stories from the history of Krutenau: barge traffic on the waterways, the tobacco factory and the School of Visual and Graphic Art. Come and discover the "D'Kammer", "Dunette", "Ripoline", "Manufacture" and "Vespa" !